Our Team

The Lewis family has been doing business in the Taylors area for four generations, and Caleb is proud to continue the legacy with Carolina Recycling Company, deeply rooted in the heart of Taylors, operating out of the Historic Taylors Mill.


Caleb & Natalie Lewis


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Barton Wyatt

Operations Director


Kari Walker

Administrative Assistant

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Reggie Hawthorne

Warehouse Supervisor

Our Story

Carolina Recycling Company is a family owned operation in Taylors, South Carolina. Caleb Lewis is a long-tenured member of the local recycling industry, starting Trail or Trash Recycling in 2008In 2012, Caleb and Natalie Lewis created Carolina Recycling Company as a new partnership, focusing on bringing solutions for industrial, manufacturing, and warehousing companies. From 2008 through 2017, over 60 million pounds of waste has been recycled.

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